Make Finding Opportunities Easier!

Have you come across the story of the young man traveling places to search for a treasure, only to discover later that it was with him. Many people walk in life grieving about a lack of opportunities and how there is not much they can do. But is that true?

Let’s define the word opportunity. As per dictionaries, opportunities are an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do.

I was fascinated by the word possible in the definition because I can reflect on my life at times where specific opportunities were not possible or seen until I developed self-awareness and changed within so I can see such opportunities in my life and believe that I deserve it.

Think about the famous motivational speaker Les Brown. Growing up, he was a talented speaker but could not show up until he changed within and believed in himself. I discovered that opportunities are out there. And sometimes at the palm of our hands, waiting for us to grab them.

However, there is a catch here. To find these opportunities, First, a person must change within, know himself more and make the sacrifices required to see such opportunities. What do I mean by that?

It means working on your skills, utilizing your time wisely, and challenging the limitations in your mind to see new opportunities and prepare for them. It is like crossing a foggy road to see what is behind that fog.

For example, think about the iPhone. Was it possible to make an iPhone 40 years ago? Certainly not, because many technologies had to develop and change To make the iPhone possible.

The second catch is that opportunities will not stay forever, Because things change, see what happens with covid and how it changed things and prevented so many possibilities. We also change by our age and our priorities, where opportunities may no longer fit us, or we do not fit them.

So, what to do to make finding opportunities easier.

In this article, I will share with you five tips to make finding opportunities possible:

First: develop and know yourself to see and find opportunities.

As I said, It’s inspiring to know that opportunities will come to us as much as we know ourselves and what suit us. And as much as we work on ourselves and be prepared for them when they arrive.

It’s a journey of self-development and challenging yourself. It is not a one-time hack.

Read my article about how to know yourself more.

Second, go where opportunities are and show up.

Many of us are waiting for someone to call or some opportunity to come to us magically. Unfortunately, this is rarely happening. To find opportunities, you have to go where opportunities are and show yourself to others.

I can speak about myself where specific opportunities only came to me when I went there. And let myself be known to others so I can be discovered and chosen.

With Covid’s situation, you may say it’s harder to meet people. Well, show up online, build a profile, create a video, and make yourself known so people can recognize you and grasp what they can offer you.

Third: Ask to find opportunities.

Ask to know if there is something for you. Often we encounter people who have the things we are looking for if we only ask. Don’t assume everything advertised or out there.

Sometimes things can go unspoken, and you will be required to ask or create a relationship to make these opportunities surfaced.

Time and time again, there are things we thought were not possible only to be surprised later that, It is available if we asked.

As the quote says, “How Would You Know Well If You Don’t Ask At All? And How Would You Ask Well If You Don’t Know At All ?”

Fourth: Be persistent with what you seek.

Stay Persistent; some of us get turn down by first no or first drawback and be surprised later that we were very close to the opportunity if we insisted or tried to meet the requirements. Sometimes the first no is a test of how bad you want that opportunity and a test of your resilience.

This reminds me here of the billionaire Jack Ma, the founder of Ali Baba. He applied for jobs almost 30 times and got rejected. But look where he is now because he was determined.

Bringing another quote here: “What is ‘no’? Either you have asked the wrong question, or you have asked the wrong person. Find a way to get the ‘yes.”

Fifth: Join credible professional networks, organizations, or volunteer groups.

Sometimes the easiest way to get what you want is to join like-minded people who have done what you wanted to do or have the expertise and connections to get you there.

From my own experience, I remember so many opportunities opened up to me; from volunteering and joining organizations or conferences, I could network and meet others where the chances of networking and meeting someone who can support you is possible.

You may say Covid makes it complicated; Well, do it online, engage with people through social media, participate in webinars, and ask questions.

In the end, don’t forget that an opportunity is like a window that keeps closing moment by moment by our age by circumstances like covid or other priorities that come into our life.

And unless we get there at the right time, the window of opportunities may be no longer be available, and we will have to look elsewhere. So always make sure to grab the opportunities when they come.

I hope this article gave you a perspective on taking opportunities.

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